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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Traditional Candle Lighting *
13 original poems
Price: $ 300.00
Additional Candles
Each additional candle is $25.00.
15 candles would be an additional $50.00 added to the Traditional candle lighting price of $300.00
Price: $ 25.00
Traditional Parent to Child Speech
Price: $ 100.00
Traditional Bima Speech
Price: $ 75.00
Past, Present, and Future Ceremony
Includes three verses (longer) and intro verse
Price: $ 150.00
Original Song
Specify your request in the checkout form and I'll create the lyrics to your favorite song/melody.
Price: $ 175.00
Special Occasion Poetry
Birthdays, Baby Showers, Theme Parties, Graduations, Retirements, Engagement Parties, Weddings, Holiday Parties, Out of Town welcome baskets ...
Price: $ 100.00
Special Occasion Poetry (small)
As the above offer includes 4 verses, this one is the "small" version with 2 verses.
Price: $ 50.00



Bar/Bat Mitzvah programs are available – call for individual price quotes, depending on the number of pages.