Original Songs

Sung to the Tune of Sonny & Cher’s “I Got You Babe”


HER: She’s fabulous, she’s kind & sweet
With dimples that will knock you off your feet

HIM: She’s loved by many, adored by all
When you need a friend, she’s the one to call

BOTH: Lane, we got you Lane. You’re true blue Lane.

HER: A tomboy at heart, but she’s still all girl
Alabaster skin & hair with natural curls

HIM: She’s into baseball & basketball
Still her number one sport, is shopping in the mall

BOTH: Lane, don’t spend it all Lane. We’ll be broke Lane.

HER: She loses everything, just like me
Still she’s daddy’s girl, naturally

HIM: She’s very funny & always generous
Not to mention gorgeous – but then she looks like us
Two broken arms and one broken leg
Lane, couldn’t you just once get a sprain instead?

HER: And by the way you were perfect tonight
Your Hebrew was great – you got your lines down right

BOTH: Lane, you did great Lane. Real first rate Lane.

HIM: We’re so very proud of you

HER: And so is your sister, Rachel too

HIM: Before we get things underway

HER: There’s something else we want to say

HIM: We just want the world to know

HER: You’re special & we love you so

HIM: We hope you enjoyed our little song

HER: Now won’t you all, please sing along…

BOTH: We got you Lane. We got you Lane.
We love you Lane. We love you Lane.
We love you, Lane.